Our Prices

We calculate our prices in a way that makes it fair for both our farmers and customers.

We want to support small-scale farmers by paying them a fair price but we also want to provide affordable organic food for our customers.

We start by having a good, mutually beneficial relationship with our farmers and suppliers. We very much believe that we’re in this together and they know we are going to pay them a fair price and work to increase the scheme. At the same time they are aware that we need to provide a great bag of veg for our customers. We also put much less of a mark-up on the produce we sell than mainstream, commercial retailers. 

We can do this by running the box scheme in a way that keeps our operational costs low. Examples of this are:

  • regular automated Direct Debit payments and strong database system that keeps our admin costs low
  • making our scheme a collection scheme rather than delivering door to door
  • we are a not-for-profit co-operative - we don't have shareholders, we aren't driven purely by profit, so we can keep our margins low and fulfill our aims of providing affordable fairly-traded organic produce

All of this means that more of your money is going to the farmer and that, overall, we are fairer to our farmers, our customers and the environment.