Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions.

By joining Veg Box People you are committing to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Regular Orders.

I am aware that I am signing up for a regular weekly veg box and not a one-off or irregular order of produce.

We ask people to sign up for a regular weekly veg box to provide a stable, guaranteed flow of money for our farmers. It helps them plan what to plant and decide how much to harvest each week.

2. Cancelling your Membership.

I know that I can cancel my weekly veg box at any time via the Veg Box People website. If my cancellation is after the weekly cut-off time, i.e. after 12.00 noon on a Tuesday, then I understand that I will still be charged for the following week's veg box.

3. Designating Holidays.

I understand that whenever I go away I will book the relevant weeks off by using the Holiday booking form in my Veg Box People online account, and I will do this no later than 12.00 noon on Tuesday of the week preceding my holiday. If you let us know after the Tuesday 12.00 noon cut-off point it will be too late, and you will be charged for the following week's veg.

Or, if you wish, you may arrange for a friend or colleague to collect your box while you're away and try the box scheme for themselves. If you do this, you don't need to let us know.

4. Mandatory Holidays.

Occasionally Veg Box People will give all customers a mandatory holiday. This will generally only be at Christmas time (normally just the week after Christmas), and Veg Box People will forewarn all customers a few weeks ahead of the mandatory holiday.

5. Payments.

I confirm that I will pay by Direct Debit, using the secure online GoCardless service.

Veg Box People uses the secure online GoCardless service, which is quick and easy to set up - and can also be cancelled at any time. We use the more advanced 'pre-authorisation' type of direct debit, a bit like how utility bills are paid: it gives us the ability to adjust the weekly amount that is debited from your account. This makes it easier for us to change payments for your veg (if you change your order, for example) and easier for us to issue refunds to you.

6. Payment Protection.

I am aware that I am protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

7. Allergies.

I will tell you immediately of any vegetables I would like excluding from my veg box because of allergies.

8. Collections.

I understand that I need to pick up my veg box from my chosen collection point within the designated times. I am also aware that the produce in my veg box will be less fresh towards the end of the designated times of collection than at the beginning. (We recommend refreshing leafy greens and salad veg in cold water.)

Please be aware that if you do not pick up your order by the end of the designated times at your collection point then your order will either be donated to the food poverty organisation, Manchester Food Cycle, or used in a partnering café.

We cannot give refunds for veg boxes that are not collected.

9. Variations.

I am aware that the contents of the veg boxes may vary slightly from time to time from the stated contents on the website or the newsletter.

10. Washing the veg.

I am aware that I must wash the contents of the veg box thoroughly before consuming.

11. Bags.

If Veg Box People operate a re-use bag system at my collection point, then I will endeavour to return the re-usable bags as often as possible, to ensure that Veg Box People have enough to pack into each week.

12. Changes.

I will inform you immediately of any changes in my contact details or banking arrangements.