Coronavirus update

Last updated: 3rd June 2020  

Hello Veg Box People community, 

We know these are difficult times but we are determined to keep supplying you with fresh produce from our small farmers and producers who you’ve helped us support over the years. As long as the farmers keep on farming we plan to carry on getting their produce to you!

Well it’s been a whirlwind so far, but thanks to a lot of hard work from the team we’re managing to keep on top of things.

The website is now back open as normal only with a few collection points disabled as they are at capacity. Current customers can change collection points and new customers can sign up as long as the collection point is displayed in the dropdown list.

We’ll be keeping track of numbers and will disable any collection points to new customers that reach capacity. If the collection point you want is at capacity, then you can either sign up at the next nearest one and then change once a space becomes available, or you can email us about which collection point you’d like and we’ll add you to a mailing list and notify you when a space comes available.

As lockdown measures begin to lift and places begin to re-open there may well be further changes to our collection points. We’ll continue to let customers know via emails and we’ll update the website with confirmed changes.


Keeping safe

You’ve been brilliant at social distancing so far which has made things much easier at collection points. Please keep this up for now as although the virus is receding, it’s not gone yet and thousands more people in the UK continue to test positive each day.

We’ve been taking extra precautions in our packing and delivery operations over the last couple of weeks to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus. But please remember that all collection points are public spaces, so do bring wipes or hand sanitiser to wash/wipe hands after picking up your bags, as you would when using any other shop. Do not touch your face when out and about, and take notice of hygiene reminders posted at the collection points. If you attend one of our staffed collection points, please keep a 2 metre distance between yourself and people around you. Then please remember to wash your hands before and after you unpack your bags at home. We’ll be quarantining your returned plastic bags for five days between them being returned and repacked to eliminate risk of contamination, and we are temporarily removing swap boxes until the situation changes. As always, remember to wash all fruit and vegetables before use. 


Please bear with us

We will always try and get back to you as soon as we can but please be patient if we do not answer your calls or emails immediately – we have a much larger volume of emails each day and we are also juggling home working, staff absences and the operational challenges that these bring. 


Can’t collect your bag? 

If you have to stay home, you're welcome to send a friend, neighbour or family member to collect your bag for you. We may be able to link you up with a volunteer to help to deliver produce to key workers and people who are isolating, get in touch if you're struggling.