Fruit bag


Fruit Bags are available as multiples, and a single bag contains about 8-10 portions of fruit, of three different varieties. This is a convenient way to get good value organic fruit. The fruit will be seasonal and often at the height of ripeness, meaning they taste delicious. While most of the fruit comes from the south of the UK and Europe, we will bring you as much local fruit as possible, and none of our produce is ever air freighted. Although the North West is not a large provider of organic fruit, getting a fruit bag from us grows local demand and can help farmers to make informed choices about the crops they grow, and encourages them to plant more fruit trees. In this way you will be helping to grow our local fruit supply too.

Note: This is for ordering fruit bags exclusively, you cannot order veg through this product. To order fruit and veg please choose one of the veg bags products, where you'll be able to add fruit as an extra.

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