Get going in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Choose which bag you’d like to receive (Starter, Small, Medium, or Large), then add any extras (potatoes don’t automatically come in the bags). You can view the bag sizes and extras here.

You can also choose to join our not-for-profit fundraising raffle for an additional £1 per week - the lucky winner will receive half the raffle money collected, and the other half is split between our food poverty partners fighting for change in Greater Manchester.

Step 2

Choose your collection point (you can view them here) that’s most suitable for you.

Step 3

Choose how often you want to collect your bag. You can either choose weekly or fortnightly.*


* We ask people to sign up for a regular weekly or fortnightly veg box to provide a stable, guaranteed flow of money for our farmers. It helps them plan what to plant and decide how much to harvest each week. That doesn’t mean you can’t stop getting it – you can, as long as we know by Tuesday at 12.00 noon in the week preceding your holiday – but the ordering and payment process is designed around a regular order. See terms and conditions for more.


All you need to do then is create an account with us, which allows you to log in anytime to amend your order, book holidays or cancel your order. Then read and agree to our Terms & Conditions, and create a safe and convenient Direct Debit with GoCardless. We will send you an email confirming your order, and after that you’ll receive an email each Friday letting you know what’s in your bag the following week.

Then you can collect your bag! If you’re unable to collect your veg bag for any reason you can ask a friend or colleague to collect it for you. If you do not pick up your veg we’ll donate it to organisations committed to tackling food poverty in Greater Manchester.

Don’t forget to bring back your bags! We ask that you return your bag to us the following week with any tags still attached. This is so that we can keep our waste levels down and continue to be as sustainable as possible.



Your feedback is invaluable to us, and helps us to continually improve our systems to benefit our customers. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments. Head to our feedback form here.

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