Coffee Cranks Cafe Alexandra Park

Collection day: 
Collection times: 
11am-5pm Thursday, & 10am-12noon Friday
Coffee Cranks Cafe
Alexandra Park Whalley Range
M16 8PJ Manchester
Veg Box People at Coffee Cranks Cafe
Coffee, cake and veg at Coffee Cranks Cafe, Alexandra Park
Coffee Cranks Team - Alexandra Park

Collect your veg at Coffee Cranks Cafe every Thursday between 11am - 5pm, or 10am - 12noon on Friday. Stop for a quick bite to eat or a lovely coffee made by the one of the cooperative's team.

Coffee Cranks are a workers' cooperative meaning that each member is an owner and has a say in the workplace. They feel that in this way they are contributing to establishing an economic alternative to the biased economic system that we find ourselves in. Coffee Cranks source ethical products for their food and drinks and also promote sustainable transport with their coffee cargo trikes.

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