Ice Shack - Withington

Collection day: 
Collection times: 
4pm - 6pm
Ice Shack
1c 160-164 Wellington road Withington
M20 3FU Manchester
Veg Box People at Ice Shack

Final Tuesday collections from here on 11/08. Moving to Thursdays 4pm-8pm from 20/08.

"Ice Shack is an all vegan desserts parlour situated on the edge of Withington village. The team try to be engaged in our local community as much as possible, offering free Sunday circuits, games nights and even curry nights - all with the hope of bringing people together.. And now you can come collect your veg box from our little place :)"

Ice Shack is closed, but opening especially for Veg Box People customers. Please be patient if queuing outside. Please help us all keep safe by maintaining clean hands, and keeping a 2 metre distance from other people as far as possible.

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