Old Bank Residency

Collection day: 
Collection times: 
9am - 4pm
The Old Bank Residency
Hanover Street NOMA
M4 4AH Manchester
Veg Box People at Old Bank Residency

Collect bags of local, organic fruit and veg from the Old Bank Residency in the NOMA redevelopment area (near Victoria Station).

'The Old Bank Residency is a place to congregate around ideas, projects and activities that are neighbourly, tolerant, environmentally considerate and civic minded.
This project is funded and supported by NOMA to make Manchester an even more interesting place to be.'

We supply local veg to resident Dahl + DIY for their weekly Friday activity sessions, be sure to check them out!

The entrance is on Hanover street near the corner of Corporation Street, (if the door is locked or you're struggling to get in you can call 07887352792).

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