The Vegetarian Society Cookery School, Altrincham

Collection day: 
Collection times: 
12noon - 5pm Thursday, 9am - 12noon Friday
The Vegetarian Society Cookery School
Parkdale, Dunham Rd Altrincham
WA14 4QG Cheshire
Veg Box People at The Vegetarian Society
Veg Box People at The Vegetarian Society Cookery School

Veg bags are delivered here on Thursday's at 12noon. They are available to collect until 5pm on Thursday, then they are stored overnight, and there is a second opportunity to collect between 9am - 12noon on Friday morning. Please go to the main reception when you go to collect.

The vegetarian Society run excellent cookery courses at their headquarters in Altrincham, here's what they have to say about them:

“If you want to improve your cookery skills, or would love to discover new and exciting dishes - you need to come to the Vegetarian Society Cookery School! Nothing excites us more than bringing a humble vegetable to the table, combining it with skill and passion, and elevating it to become the star of the show: a centrepiece worthy of everyone’s attention.

Our experienced and friendly tutors love to spend their days teaching you the wonders of modern vegetarian and vegan cooking. From a whole range of world cuisines, to vegan classes showing off the latest trends in the culinary world, we can put a smile of delight on your face as you learn to make delicious creations for yourself.

And when you buy a cookery course from us, you’re supporting our work teaching vulnerable adults and young people veggie and vegan cooking.

We are always developing new courses and workshops to offer the best experience to customers, and we never stop trying out new ideas in the kitchen. We hope to see you soon!”

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