Our six food promises to you:

1. Quality - We will provide you with the highest quality veg

We’re sure you’ll be satisfied, but if for any reason you’re not we have a no quibble money back guarantee. Having said that, we grow for taste more than for looks, and the occasional oddly shaped vegetable may find its way to your veg box, so please don't be alarmed!

2. Affordability - We combine a great deal with a fair trade

Veg Box People is cheaper than the national veg boxes Riverford and Abel & Cole and much more local. We’re even cheaper than supermarkets and we have it on good authority that supermarkets don't pay growers well, despite the relatively high prices they charge for month old vegetables. We are developing a pricing system based on the actual cost of production, and as a not-for-profit co-operative, every penny is used wisely to create a truly resilient food supply chain.

3. Dependable - You can rely on us even with our gloriously unpredictable weather

Your veg will be sourced as locally as possible supporting our network of local growers as a priority. However, since our growers will be battling with everything the weather can throw at them and due to a natural lull in supply between February and April we will sometimes need to supplement your veg box with produce from further afield. We promise to be open and honest about this and let you know where the veg is coming from. As time goes on your support enables the establishment of new local growers, so we will be able to plug the gaps to make the local supply chain more resilient.

4. Fresh and Seasonal - Grown and picked to order

Our most local growers pick to order, harvesting within 48 hours of it arriving at your collection point, so your veg is super fresh.
By working closely with our growers we can talk to them about crop planning up to a year in advance and have a say in the crops they grow for your plate in the following months. On the rare occasion that we do buy from further afield we will source seasonal and organic veg and you can rest assured our expert staff will look after your food to ensure it reaches you in peak condition.

5. Local and direct -  Grown and delivered by our farmers

We are members of Manchester Veg People Co-operative, and as much of our veg as possible comes direct from their grower members – ranging from just 3 miles to 60 miles of central Manchester. To grow a fair and stable market for new local farmers, at times we have to supplement our local range with vegetables brought from further afield in the UK, and sometimes via wholesalers, although this will reduce as more consumers switch to our sustainable food movement and more local farmers are supported.

6. Organic - People and wildlife friendly

All our vegetables are organic. Our growers use the most up to date organic growing techniques to produce high yields of great tasting vegetables, whilst relying less on artificial chemicals. Our growers work to protect the eco-system and build up soil fertility for long-term productivity. Organic growing could even reduce unemployment by employing more people per acre than chemical agriculture. They can do this because they save money by not using artificial pesticides or chemical fertilisers.